UGADI, Telugu New Year Message

Salam Oka Malaysia, Wishing all Telugus Ugadi Subahkanchulu, a happy and prosperous Telugu New year. May the almighty bless us with good health and prosperity in this coming year. Malaysian Telugu are happy and glad to celebrate Ugadi, the Telugu New year in the sprite of 1 Malaysia. Telugu Association of Malaysia has declared this year as "Year of Education & Unity" "Tahun Perpaduan & Pendidikan".

Last year had been very meaningful and historical year for Malaysian Telugus, where the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Sri Najib Bin Tun Razak acknowledged the contribution of Telugus in Nations development and also joints the community in celebrating 150 yrs of Malaysian Telugu Heritage with 15 thousand Telugus. He also promised to help Telugu to safe guard their linguistic, cultural and social needs and had given financial assistance to the community to do the good work. We are very thankful to the YAB Dato Sri Najib Bin Tun Razak and the Malaysian government for their continuous support.

I am happy to note the steady and progressive socio economic development in the community. However we are still far from reaching our goal of being a self sustained and developed community. We are in the midst of transforming from a plantation community with minimal education to an educated self-employed and professional community. We thank our forward thinking founding leaders who emphasized on having quality education for the community. We are also grateful to the Government for providing free education to all Malaysian, especially to the rural communities.

In this multiracial and ethnic country, Telugus also have a place in promoting and protecting their culture and language .In spite of being far away from the Telugu land in India for more than 150 years we still read, write and converse in fluent Telugu language. Many Telugus a multilinguist, we can converse in minimum 4 languages, Telugu, Malay, English and Tamil. The values such as mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance or each other’s culture in the multicultural Malaysia have a great impact in shaping the present community.

Malaysian Telugu should work much harder than their forefathers. The future is in your hands. Grab every opportunity that comes to our hand, be the best in whatever work you do. Work with determination and positive work ethics you will reach your goal. Your success is community’s success. While we gain wealth and live comfortably, do not forget the less fortunate ones. Spirituality and charity should always be put into practice to become a complete community.

Malaysian Telugus being the minority in Malaysia, our community needs are not addressed properly and promptly. Many times we were treated like a small sports club or as an insignificant NGO. Our voices are not heard or reach our representatives many times. Most of the time we are greeted with sweet talk and un kept promises. In view of the above, Telugu Association of Malaysia request for a political representation in the government. We humbly request the Malaysian Government to consider our humbly request.

Malaysian Telugus are one united community with one voice to represent us since independence. We also see our young men and women showing interest in community development. Today we are focusing on developing strong educated youth with high moral values. In line with this TAM will be hosting Youth and women wing conferences this year.

Dr.Achaiah Kumar Rao PJK,KMN
Telugu Association of Malaysia.
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